I had a very lovely storage room off of my kitchen, not that you would know it because for the last few years as it’s been filled to the brim with stuff. Junk stuff and good stuff. But mostly junk stuff. After seeing Minus the Muddle around Facebook I decided to reach out and see if she could help me. Krystal answered my PM promptly. A date was set and I was happy.  

On the day she arrived mid morning as planned and didn’t seem daunted by the mountain of stuff that needed to be sorted. She sat me down to go through everything. Keep, throw away, donate. After everything in the room was sorted I was sent away to rest. And I needed it. She cleaned the room and every item she put back. Without my help. (I’m was in a sling and not much use anyway) It took hours. And not once did she slow down And I didn’t think everything would fit back in that room despite getting rid of so much. Well not only did it all fit the room, it still looks like it could hold more.

Minus the Muddle saved my sanity. I have a lovely storage room again, one I would actually let people see. Krystal was so much fun to work with. She stayed positive through out the whole process. Even when I was tired and felt overwhelmed by the clutter. I didn’t feel judged by the amount of trash that was hiding in that room or how it looked. I will definitely be getting her back to help with a couple of closets.

I highly recommend her to any one who needs a little de-muddling and organizing.
Totally worth it.


After years of feeling “sick and tired”, overwhelmed and breaking promises to myself to deal with it, I finally decided to get help and tackle the hallway closet. In just 2.5 hours it was DONE!!

3 large bags of donations; 1 large bag of trash.

I already made plans for next month to take on another area. I’m on a mission now, thanks Krystal!


Had my closet de-muddled. Awesome job!!!! I absolutely LOVE walking into my spacious closet now. Professional service with a smile. I felt like I was on HGTV when, after leaving my room, I was told.. “come and see your new closet!” I highly recommend Minus the Muddle!! 


Fantastic review for Minus the Muddle. 

Krystal Patrice arrived at 9:30 am and was nonstop until 4:30 pm. My place was a disaster when she arrived but with a pleasant attitude and so much energy, I can tell you my closets are immaculate, even the colours are coded. 

Please give her a call if you are looking for someone reliable, prompt and very efficient, you won’t be sorry. 

Thanks Krystal for the fun day. xo