11 Ideas to Fill the Dishwasher Void in your Kitchen

11 Ideas to Fill the Dishwasher Void in your Kitchen

So you took out your dishwasher and now there’s a space, what do you do? Well, here are a few ideas to help you make it more functional and appealing to the eye.

Many of these can be built on you own, you should try!

Even Fido can benefit!

Time to get started!

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How to Lose the Guilt of Tossing a Gift

How to Lose the Guilt of Tossing a Gift

De-muddling a gift has to be one of the hardest things to do. Not only are you riddled with the guilt of tossing it, but also feel obligated to cherish the gift even though it doesn’t work for you. Additionally, you might have a fear of “What if they ask me about it?” or that you’re insulting the person’s love by giving it up. To be real, it’s actually all in your head and I’ll explain how it got there and how to stop torturing yourself.

First things first, you have to separate the feeling from the gift itself; it’s just an object, a thing. Next, understand the gift is merely a manifestation of their feelings for you, and the action of giving it to you is how they receive joy. They’ll always remember you showed happiness and appreciation when they handed it over, which is good enough for them.

Once the feelings have been exchanged you are then free to do whatever with the gift (object). If you love it and use it that’s great, but if you never use it, it’s muddle and time to consider finding it a new home.

Now to shake off the fear of the person finding out you’ve de-muddled it, THINK, when was the last time someone actually checked up on what they gave you? Right, it hasn’t happened. This means you’ve literally been scaring yourself with the threat of being caught; which is not cool! Chances are, they think you’ve already worn it or it’s displayed elsewhere either way; they won’t care to ask. Now with the 1% chance that they do ask you can tell them the truth or you can just thank them again for the gift and maybe quickly change the subject lol, your call I’m just trying to help.

At the end of the day, tossing a gift doesn’t have to leave you paralyzed and paranoid; it’s really easier than you think. Today try de-muddling three items and go over the steps to finally get them out for good! You’ll be grateful you did.

Step 1: Stop feeling guilty

Step 2: Separate the feelings from the object

Step 3: Shake off the thought of getting caught

Step 4: Out it goes!

Bonus Tip: How do I get rid of it? What if I want to sell it?

You can always donate it to a thrift shop or re-gift it to someone that would actually like it. If you want to sell it you can ask someone else to sell it for you so the trail doesn’t lead back to you 😉 lol

20 Things You Should De-muddle Right Now

20 Things You Should De-muddle Right Now

Do you feel like you have tons of things that you can probably get rid of, but you don’t know where to start? Confustion done, let’s get started!

1. Old magazines

2. Burned out candles

3. Worn towels & washcloths

4. Broken outdoor toys

5. Shopping bags

6. Ragged t-shirts

7. Old cosmectics

8. Expired medication

9. Piles of old mail

10. Unread books

11. Old CDs

12. Tarnished jewelry

13. Mismatched socks

14. Gloopy nail polish

15. Unused belts

16. Old cell phones

17. Mismatched food containers

18. Duplicated kitchen items

19. Unused toiletries

20. Toys missing pieces

Happy De-muddling!

Shutter Mail Holder

Shutter Mail Holder

With the popularity of PVC windows and mental blinds, having wooden shutters on your windows are slowing becoming a thing of the past. Give those shutters a new purpose in life with the help of Samantha Elizabeth’s easy DIY photo tutorial, where she turns them into something more functional for your home. Like her vibe? Check out her matching shutter headboard here.

Like her vibe? Check out her matching DIY shutter headboard, thanks Sam!