Ready to Minus your Muddle?

Hi, I'm Krystal Patrice

Nothing makes me happier than a stress relieved client. I know all the tips & tricks to get the job done quicker, I’m great with kids and minizining muddle is my favorite past time. Don’t live with the burden any longer, we can do this together, let’s get started on your plan today!

Demuddling Services


Less clothes equals less stress. We’ll go through everything you own to pick out only the things you love and use frequently.


The hardest part about de-muddling any area in your house is getting started. Let me help you finally break the ice and get it done.

Pre-sale & Moving Assistance

I’ll help you de-muddle and stage for appealing pre-sale images and videos, host a house sale, pack, and set up your new home.

Your Business

Eliminating the things that make you less productive will help your business to thrive. No job is too big or too small, surprise me!

Virtual Demuddling & Homework Assignments

You’re happy to do it on your own but need a plan, some motivation and a person to hold you accountable. I’m ready when you’re ready!

Minus More Muddle Blog

How to de-muddle your shoes!

Need some motivation to de-muddle one of the hardest things in your closet? Press play!

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How to Lose the Guilt of Tossing a Gift

De-muddling a gift has to be one of the hardest things to do. Not only are you riddled with the guilt of tossing it, but also feel obligated to cherish the gift even though it doesn't work for you. Additionally, you might have a fear of "What if they ask me...

20 Things You Should De-muddle Right Now

Do you feel like you have tons of things that you can probably get rid of, but you don't know where to start? Confustion done, let's get started! 1. Old magazines 2. Burned out candles 3. Worn towels & washcloths 4. Broken outdoor toys 5. Shopping bags 6. Ragged...

Shutter Mail Holder

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Before & After


Are you a cleaning service?
No sorry, my main service does not include cleaning. Light cleaning is always a part of the job, but I do not carry cleaning supplies and strictly deal with de-cluttering and organizing matters only.
Will you tell people about how messy my house is?
Absolutely not. Also, my clients are always kept confidential and are never tied to their transformations.
What are your working hours?

For now, I’m only available on weekends and hold only one demuddling session per day.

Do I have to be at home?
Yes! I like to work directly with my clients to figure out what is valuable and what is not. How much you are involved though is really up to you, you can sit back and relax or you can get your hands dirty.
Can you help with storage options?
I can give advice on what might work best for you and your space and what can be sourced locally. I can also retrieve items before the de-muddle where the cost of the service and items will be later added to your final invoice.
Do you deal with hoarding cases?
No sorry, I’m simply not equipped to take on hoarding cases.
Do you do Gift Certificates?
Yes, please let me know you’re interested in one!